Casino Slot reactions in patients often occur not to insulin, but to a preservative (manufacturers use various chemical compounds for these purposes) used to stabilize insulin preparations.
  • In this case, it is necessary to replace insulin preparations from one company with preparations from another manufacturer.
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A rapid effect occurs after subcutaneous administration of 1 mg of glucagon to the patient.

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This fully applies to undiagnosed nocturnal hypoglycemia, when in response to a decrease in blood glucose levels at 2-3 a.m., an increase in glycemia occurs, which can reach significant values ​​in the morning before eating. Therefore, patients with diabetes mellitus should not seek to reduce the level of glucose in the blood below the specified level. All cases accompanied by a decrease in glycemia below 4 mmol / l should be considered as hypoglycemic conditions requiring a change (reduction in the dose of insulin, the effect of which falls on a given period of time) of the dose of insulin administered.

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Casino the period of hypoglycemia, a pronounced feeling of hunger, sweating, palpitations, trembling of the hands and the whole body appear. In the future, inappropriate behavior, convulsions, confusion or complete loss of consciousness are observed. At the initial signs of hypoglycemia, the patient should eat 100 g of rolls, 3-4 pieces of sugar or drink a glass of sweet tea.

If the condition does not improve or even worsens, then after 4-5 minutes you should eat the same amount of sugar. In the case of a hypoglycemic coma, the patient must immediately inject 60 ml of a 40% glucose solution into a vein. As a rule, after the first administration of glucose, consciousness is restored, but in exceptional cases, in the absence of effect, after 5-10 minutes, the same amount of glucose is injected into the vein of the other hand.

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